Sample Software

This page contains some links for software written by Ken that we hope will give some indication of his programming abilities. They may even be of use to you!

Important note

The programs offered here for download are for evaluation purposes only and are provided strictly on an as-is basis. Kaia Ltd. cannot be responsible for any damage or loss of data arising from the use of these programs.

C software

These programs were written using the free MinGW32 C compiler. The sources include GNU-compatible Makefiles; it should be fairly straightforward to adapt them to other versions of Make.

BILE: Basic InLinEr

BILE is a tool for generating Web pages with a common look and feel with common Web elements such as tables of contents, “breadcrumb” trails, etc. It is a command-line utility written in C and runs on both Windows and Linux. More information is available on the BILE page.

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clac: command-line calculator

clac is a simple utility that takes a mathematical expression on its command line, evaluates it and places the result on the Clipboard. For example, if clac is invoked thus:

clac 2+2,

clac will place the value 4 on the Clipboard.

clac is designed to be run quickly from the Windows Run dialog box. It understands parentheses and the basic arithmetical operators (+,-,*,/). clac was inspired by a similar feature in Microsoft Word. The expression evaluator in clac was based on one described in a series of articles by Jack Crenshaw entitled, "Let’s Build a Compiler".

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saver: activate screen saver

saver is a simple program— little more than a "one-liner"— that activates the Windows screen saver and quits.

My keyboard of choice is an old IBM Model M keyboard that I rescued from a skip many years ago and has stayed with me even while the PCs to which it has been attached have gone to their makers. The Model M is solidly constructed (rare in these days of declining hardware margins where the first corners to be cut are usually on the peripherals like the keyboard and mouse), it has a very positive "clicky" feel, and even has its own fan site. But it has no Windows key, so it's not possible to lock a PC with Win+L like you can with a modern keyboard. saver was written as the next best thing; you can install a shortcut to it on your desktop and assign a shortcut key (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+L) to it. It might also be of use to anyone using a version of Windows that did not support the Win+L shortcut which I think was only introduced in Windows 2000.

(Alas, the Model 50 is no more)

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wakeonlan: Wake-on-LAN utility

Wake-on-LAN is a feature offered by many PC motherboards and network cards that allows you to start up a powered-down PC by broadcasting a "magic packet" that contains the MAC address of the PC's network card. There are a large number of wake-on-LAN utilities available on the Internet, both commercial and free. I wrote this for two reasons: I wanted a standalone utility that did not depend on a scripting language like Perl or PHP to run, and I wanted to try writing a program that used the Windows Sockets Library (Winsock).

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